Buffalo has grit. For years, the "City of Good Neighbors" has been known as "a blue-collar, no-bullshit town." That characterization still applies on a basic level, but another narrative of renewal has emerged over the past two decades.

The remarkable Buffalo Renaissance has taken hold, which is at once an embrace of the past and surge into the future. Historically, Buffalo is regarded as one of the best planned cities in America— for some time experiencing the same rust that formed across much of the Great Lakes Region—and now it has emerged as one of the best situated cities to meet the inevitable challenges of the future. Come to experience the city’s revitalized waterfront, its celebrated and historic architecture, and its world class galleries. Come to explore the trendy Allentown neighborhood, the vibrant Elmwood Village, the historic Michigan Street Corridor, the bustling Theatre District, and the city’s world renowned Olmstead Parks. Come to enjoy the unabashed comfort foods and the killer craft beers. We are offering to share a best-kept secret with our Code4Lib colleagues.

Image credits: McKinley Monument in Niagara Square, Buffalo, New York by Daderot. Public domain
Keep Buffalo a Secret, mural by Ian de Beer. Photograph by Chris Hollister. Used with permission.

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